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Advance Infrastructure Solutions
  • Value  Added  Services  for  readymade  Enterprise
    solutions (Cross Industry and Vertical Solutions).
  • Management of availability processes
    Availability  assessment  consultancy  to  determine mission critical services
  • Integration of different systems platforms
  • Design   and   implementation   of   high   availability solutions
  • Installation and commissioning of data networks
  • Integrated solutions covering a defined spectrum of services
  • Voice, video and data integration
  • Network and data management
  • Customer centered systems integration and software solutions
  • Data integrity solutions
  • Availability of management consultancy to manage all availability process
  • Availability    of assessment consultancy    for a predefined  number  of  days  to  determine  mission critical services that the customer provides
  • Availability of  design  consultancy for  detailed  high availability solutions
  • Annual contracts providing customized high availability solutions
  • Advanced infrastructure services and solutions
  • Operating system platform services Business and IT innovation consultancy Security services
  • Migration and integration infrastructure requirements
  • Storage management services
  • Enterprise messaging services
  • Client computing management services Business continuity and recovery services Extended resource planning outsourcing 
  • Consolidation services
  • Business financing
    Hardware and software support services
  • Print services and solutions
  • Infrastructure management services
  • Utility services and solutions
  • Integration and deployment services
  • IT consulting across different platforms
  • Network infrastructure services
  • Mainframe   migration   and   integration services
  • High  end  training  for  specific  business customers
  • Value  added  services  for  readymade business solutions
  • Integrate different Systems "platforms"
  • Design  and  implement  High  Availability solutions
  • Integrated Solutions covering the spectrum of services
  • Availability  Assessment  Consulting  for predefined number of days to determine mission  critical  services  that  customer provides.
  • Networking and Communications (Network   infrastructure   services   and management)
  • IT Consulting
  • High end training for specific enterprise

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