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Managed Services

Resource  requirements  are  becoming  an  important  concern  for  top  executives  as  well  as  a  critical aspect  for  a  successful  competitive  business  in  nowadays-lucrative  market.  To  gain  more  focus  on  your  top priority issues, Tech Track offers you a comprehensive set of infrastructure monitoring solutions within its Internet Data center  combined  with  the  expertise  of  its  highly  trained  IT  staff.   Customers  are  now  able  through outsourcing this IT function to benefit from  our monitoring services no matter if it is just for one resource or a complex infrastructure. Our unique  monitoring architecture allows  us to monitor  any IT  infrastructure remotely through   the   internet   (customer   premises)   or   hosted   within   our   Data centers.   Our   flexible   offerings   can accommodate  any  monitoring  requirement.  Working  with  partners,  Tech Track  offers  end-to-end  application outsourcing services, including application development and maintenance services. All these capabilities can be combined into a simple (SLA) Service Level Agreement for the customer’s environment.

Architecture: Managed  Workplace  leverages  technology  standards  and  innovative-patented  network communications  to  deliver  a  highly  scalable  and  reliable  platform  from  which  to  deliver  a  comprehensive managed services offering to your customers.

Monitoring: Strong and reliable remote monitoring provided through Managed Workplace allows you to become proactive and eliminate problems before they occur. Tech Track professionals monitor all critical network  components  such  as  workstations,  servers,  applications,  websites,  network  services,  and network devices (i.e. firewalls and routers.) 


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Alerting: Alerts  themselves  can  take  many forms including trouble  ticket  creation,  email and  pager and can be scheduled via the Alert Scheduler to ensure that the appropriate people are being notified. Additionally,  with automatic alert escalation capabilities  you can ensure that no  alerts are missed and that the appropriate action is taking place.

Remote  Control:  Remote  Control  offers  lightning  fast  connections  from  any  browser  to  any Windows, MAC OSX, Linux and UNIX device residing within any customer’s site.

Out of Band Management:  Out-of-band  management  solves  one  of  the  biggest  problems  that managed  services  providers  face  today,  the  ability  to  perform  remote  monitoring  and  management during off hours when devices are normally powered down.

Patch  Management:  Managed  Workplace  provides  fast  and  reliable  patching  capabilities  on servers and workstations to help you proactively defend against network threats and outdated software versions.

Scripting: Remote Scripting provides  flexible  remote  management  capabilities  by allowing  users  to deploy  a  variety  of  scripts  for  maintenance,  repair,  installation  or  any  other  task  base  script  you  can dream of.

Asset Management: The asset inventory is collected at regular user-defined intervals and ensures that  both  the  managed  service  provider  and  their  customers  always  have  access  to  up-to-date  asset inventory information.

Templates: Timesaving best-practice management templates, are offered to our customers for easy, fast, and standardized monitoring of all of the most-commonly used devices on a customer network.

Reporting:  Easy  to  use  reporting  engine  helps  you  define  reports  spanning  all  features  and functionality which are found within Managed Workplace. Also, you can brand them and then schedule them  for  delivery.  Either  when  running  a  report,  or  sending  it  through  a  delivery schedule,  users  can choose  from  multiple  output  formats  including  PDF,  CSV,  Excel,  XML,  TIFF  and  HTML.  It  allows Business owners to identify opportunities, technicians to quickly analyze detailed device information and sales staff to identify sales opportunities.Trouble tickets: An integrated trouble ticket is a system tied into the alerting and monitoring engine that is available out of the box for instant productivity and helps provides a single source to manage your business.

Third  Party  Integration:  This  function  is  present  toward  other  vendors  by  sending  alerts  and tickets  to  Auto-task  and  track  changes  made  there  as  well  as  to  clear  alerts  and  tickets  within  the Managed Workplace application including self healed alert synchronization.

Collaboration: User Management and Templates offer the ability to define a custom user experience for multiple stakeholders. 



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